For the second year in a row (2016 & 2017), Anthony Mento, President & CEO of LIFE Brokerage was awarded 1st Place for the best sales presentation by Advantage Insurance Network.  Anthony and LIFE Brokerage competed with over 1,000 insurance marketing executives and 90 brokerage general agencies.  Advantage Insurance Network runs the contest yearly and the prize money is sponsored by AIG, Securian and Symetra.  LIFE Brokerage...A New Look on LIFE!

LIFE Brokerage, LLC (LIFE) provides back office support to the highest quality insurance professionals in the industry.  Our network of licensed agents serve some of the wealthiest individuals and corporations in the United States.  As a life insurance wholesale operation, LIFE designs and implements unbiased solutions as it pertains to your clients business, estate, and legacy planning needs.

Anthony J. Mento CFP®

Anthony founded Life Brokerage and leads with a straight forward ideology; provide outstanding service and always do the right thing and good things
will happen...and they have! Anthony has a wealth of knowledge in the industry
and is a valuable resource to the Life  Brokerage producers. Contact President
Anthony Mento at 609-270-4576  or just email

Adam De Marco

Adam oversees the case design and marketing efforts at Life Brokerage. He is dedicated and motivated    to helping the Life Brokerage producers maximize their opportunities and achieve the best policies for their clients. Adam makes himself open to communicate with and has a talent in being able to take a complex situation and present it to the advisors that Life Brokerage supports.
Contact Adam DeMarco at 609-270-4888 or email

Bob Lamar

Bob is responsible for managing  the wholesaling of life, disability, long term care, and fixed annuity insurance products to and for licensed insurance professionals, financial advisors, and other entity's engaged in the sale of individual insurance products. Fearless and resourceful, he finds, recruits,  and develops licensed insurance professionals for Life Brokerage. Contact Bob Lamar at 609-270-4368 or don't hesitate to email

Alan Buzbee

In this ever increasingly competitive landscape, Alan understands that service is what differentiates LIFE Brokerage, and himself, from the rest of the Industry.  Alan is committed to helping develop your cases from a product / case design standpoint and can deliver unique ideas along with "out of the box" thinking to help grow your business. Contact Alan Buzbee at 609-445-0292 or email

Christopher Lyons

Chris’ breadth of experience in the life brokerage industry, allows him to look at a case from both the sales and underwriter perspective.  He is keenly aware of the importance of every case to both the producer as well as the family that each policy protects.  Chris looks forward to the opportunity to turn your next prospect into a client. Contact Chris Lyonsat 609-666-0077 or email

Allen Campione

As a member of the Life Brokerage team, Allen's role is to develop and manage agent relationships. He helps position our producer's clients into the right products through analyzing and reviewing their financial needs and goals. With this information, Allen can design specific ideas and spreadsheets to help them present in a simple manner.  Contact Allen Campione at 609-270-4980 or email

Nicholas Crescenzo

As an essential part to  the Life Brokerage operation, Nicholas is motivated and dedicated to the task of working  with   administering marketing efforts such as seminar, webinar, social media, and  collateral development.  As Internal Sales Specialist,  Nicholas is  trusted with  the important position of creating, building,  and maintaining  client relationships. ContactNicholas Crescenzoat 609-481-6265 or email him at

Mary Palma

Mary has over fifteen years’ experience in the insurance industry with expertise in commissions and systems analysis.  She has introduced software technology capable of automating commission override payments that reconcile both for the agent and BGA.  As a commission EFT specialist, Mary developed methods that eliminate paper checks for multiple carriers.  Mary facilitates agent commission payments accurately and on timely fashion.  Contact Mary Palma at 609-270-4886 or

Shannon Kenney

Shannon is a very experienced case manager in a multi-carrier environment. She manages complex and large cases for independent advisors that work with high net worth individuals. Shannon is accountable and manages individual cases throughout their life cycle, from the initial receipt of the application through the final receipt of initial premium payment and forms on delivery.  Contact Shannon Kenney at 609-270-0228 or email

Marylee Sterner

With over thirty  years of experience in the life insurance business, Marylee is a senior case manager who specializes in processing all forms of new business for our producers. She efficiently manages your case.  As a Life Case Manager, Marylee uses state of the art technology to see cases through from the beginning to placement.  Contact Marylee Sterner at 609-270-6140 or please  email her at

Brianna Driscoll

Brianna provides support and assistance to all aspects of the operations at Life Brokerage. She led the way in developing and utilizing advanced systems that have stream-lined our operating procedures along with implementing technology that has propelled us to the forefront of  customer service. ContactBrianna Driscoll at 609-481-3450 or please  email

Melissa Bauknight

Melissa is responsible for servicing Life Brokerage's current and new customers in the full range of case management, underwriting, as well as building and maintaining valuable client relationships.
With over eight years of wide-ranging industry experience, she serves as a resource to our clients in recommending the most efficient and effective products.  Contact Melissa Bauknight at 609-324-5772 or please email her at

Kathy Procaccini

Kathy is a great licensing and contracting associate with more than twenty years in the insurance industry. She  utilizes technology to optimize and streamline  the agent experience along with bringing efficient results to Life Brokerage. Kathy processes contracts and appointments with detail thus, eliminating delays and ensuring an ideal outcome for all parties.  Don't hesitate to please contact Kathy Procaccini at 609-613-4000 or email

Nikki Straus

As an Operations Associate, Nikki is dedicated to supporting many aspects of Life Brokerage.  Not only is she experienced in licensing, but Nikki is an important part of Life's Human Resource department. Friendly, kind, and committed, when Nikki is not helping her co workers or clients, she works as a Commissions Assistant. Please do not hesitate to contact Nikki Straus at 609-481-6297 or email her at

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