LIFE Preamble:


Our aspiration is to be the most professional, innovative, and trustworthy brokerage general agency in preparing families, businesses, estates, and retirement plans the ability to weather the shock of tragedy or unforeseen circumstances

The life insurance industry is ever evolving through low interest rates, longevity of population, financial stability of carriers, and federal regulation. Agents and consumers are forced to contend with a complex choice of products and unknown carrier underwriting differentiations

Our mission is to distribute financial solutions through a network of sophisticated advisors providing value to their practice by enhancing their customers experience and welfare.

We fulfill our mission by maintaining our unique company culture of:
  1. Being vigilantly aware of emerging legislature and insurance company trends
  2. Consistently building relationships with 25 carriers and studying over 450 products
  3. Providing medical underwriting expertise that matches the insurance company need with the consumer risk profile  enabling a purchase of more effective coverage.
  4. Displaying clearly and concisely our recommended solution so that our agent field force is able to present options to the end  user in 5 minutes or less
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